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    We work day and night to ensure our customers have access to roadside assistance and truck repair services whenever they require our services. As a commercial truck repair shop, we cater to every need our customers might have.
    Our company has extensive offers for you and your truck with everything from big rig tire repair to diesel truck repair. Each of our talented team members has the experience to help with any repairs or replacements you might need.
    B&B 24 Hour Semi Truck & Trailer Repair LLC works with clients in Cynthiana, Kentucky, supplying top-tier big rig truck repair services. Our semi-truck repair shops have the parts and services you require to restore your vehicle.

Our Services

Truck mechanic
24 Hour Truck & Trailer Mechanic

As a 24-hour truck & trailer repair service, we care for our clients with round-the-clock care. Whether you need truck repair or the expertise of a heavy truck mechanic, we have every offer to get you back on the road hassle-free. Our 18-wheeler repair shop prides itself on affordable provisions when you need them most.

Heavy truck shop
Heavy Truck Shop

We cater to your most oversized vehicles with each of our heavy truck shop provisions. Our team has a variety of specialties, from big rig tire repair to heavy-duty truck repair. No matter what services you require, our 24-hour truck & trailer mechanic is readily available to assist in any repairs your vehicle might need.

Diesel mechanic
Mobile Diesel Mechanic

Each mobile diesel mechanic from our team is readily available to repair your vehicle. Our company specializes in diesel truck repair, supplying top-tier heavy diesel mechanic services. Whether you need tire replacement or engine repair, our 24-hour truck & trailer repair service meets the diverse needs of our clients.

Semi truck repair
Semi-Truck Tire Repair

Based in Cynthiana, KY, B&B 24 Hour Semi Truck & Trailer Repair LLC has a variety of truck repair services, including expert tire services. Semi-truck tire repair is one way we accommodate clients, providing reliable care. Each semi-truck mechanic offers everything from light patches to tire replacement at our commercial truck repair shop for your safety.

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Cynthiana, KY 41031

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